The Charity was established with four trustees and continues to have four trustees at the time of writing.  All trustees have a connection with Laura Sylvester, our founder, and bring different skills and experience to the Charity.  The trustees have in common a belief in the objectives of the Charity and the aim to succeed in meeting those aims.

The chairperson of the Charity is Jacqueline Burke.  Our three other trustees are Laura’s father, Kevin Sylvester;  Graham Noakes, who is a long time friend of the family; and John Hogan is a work colleague of Kevin’s.  They bring varied skills to the Charity.


john hogan


John has spent over 40 years in the international energy industry. Between 1983 – 2000 he held a number of senior executive roles in the UK and internationally in the oil and gas industry, including 7 years as Chief Operating Officer on the main board of a multi-billion pound UK FTSE-100 company. Since 2000 he has held numerous non-executive positions at either Chairman or senior non-executive level within both private equity backed and listed international energy companies. The exercise of appropriate governance and compliance has been a key part of his non-executive responsibilities. He is currently on the boards of 3 companies.


graham noakes


Graham is now retired. Following a Law Degree at Exeter University, he spent the first part of his career in sales and marketing with international food companies, before moving into print and publishing. Latterly he worked for 20 years in public relations, as a senior consultant and writer for a major business-to-business PR consultancy. He now works with a number of registered charities and for the past 9 years has been Chairman of Farnham Youth Choir.


kevin sylvester


Kevin is a Certified Geologist having worked for over 40 years in the oil and gas industry.  Originally from New York and transferred to the UK in 1980, he has worked for international oil companies holding senior positions with technical and managerial responsibilities: for the last 20 years he has been a Co-Founder and Director of a successful UK-based consultancy company servicing clients worldwide.  He is also an “Independent Expert Witness” having participated in international arbitration tribunals in the settlement of multi-million pound awards.  Outside work he has played and managed a senior sports team to a national championship and was an events manager for two national sporting contests held in a major London stadium.  For the past 10 years he has been the sponsorship coordinator for the Farnham Youth Choir and more recently an appointed Trustee of that choir’s charity.   Kevin is the father of Laura, the Founder of the Mind Body EDS Charity.


How does the Charity conduct its business?

Prior to the granting of Charity status the designated trustees met twice formally to determine the actions needed to meet the Charity’s objectives.  Since registration, the Trustees have committed to meeting at least quarterly.

It is the intention of the Charity to follow and meet the good practice expectations of the Charity Commission on all aspects of the Charity’s governance including meeting arrangements; the appointment and removal of trustees; and the keeping of records and filing of accounts and statutory returns.  The Charity has sought out accounting and audit support and is intending to use, at the end of the first accounting period, an independent firm of accountants to advise on accounting returns and provide an independent input to the Charity’s financial affairs.

To support the day to day running of the Charity’s management and financial affairs all trustees will adhere to the standing orders and standing financial instructions of the Charity which cover, by way of example:

  • The operation of bank accounts on behalf of the Charity

  • The keeping of records by the Charity

  • The authority of trustees and nominated individuals to enter into contractual arrangements on behalf of the trustees

  • The range of activities into which the Charity may enter to support achieving the Charity’s objectives

  • The notification, attendance at, and conduct of meetings

These instructions are formalised in a policy document entitled ‘Financial Policies’ which was approved by Trustees in its meeting on 3rd May 2018.

The Charity also approved a policy entitled ‘Financial Assistance Policy’ on 3rd May 2018 which explains the eligibility criteria and process for applying to Mind Body EDS for a financial assistance grant.